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Japanese workers least loyal to firms, survey discovers

LONDON (Kyodo) Japanese corporate workers harbor the lowest level of loyalty toward their employers among the world's 10 major economies, according to a British survey released Tuesday.
Only 50 percent of Japanese respondents to the survey, which features the views of 362,950 employees, said they would wish to stay with their current firm or would recommend it as a good place to work.

Researchers attributed the findings to a "Westernization" of Japanese attitudes toward the workplace and the nation's stagnant economy.

Japan's figures rated poorly when compared with the results from Brazil (79 percent), Spain (76 percent), Germany (74 percent), Canada (73 percent), Italy (70 percent), the United States (67 percent), France (67 percent), Britain (59 percent) and China (57 percent).

The study was published in London by International Survey Research.

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